Hand-me-down clubs were too heavy for young Isaac

Nine-year-old Isaac Prismall, from Norfolk, loves golf – but his hand-me-down set of heavy and old golf clubs were hampering his game.

Now, he has a bespoke new set of Ping Prodi G golf clubs awarded by the England Golf Trust and his game keeps on improving. He’s now working towards gaining a handicap.


‘They’ve improved my golf a lot,’ said Isaac. ‘I even won the award for most improved under-12 player at Royal Norwich Golf Club and that’s probably because of these clubs.’

‘I was playing with a mixture of clubs and sometimes had to use my cousins. Most of them were really heavy which made it harder to play.’

‘These new ones are much lighter and now I have a full set I don’t need to borrow any. The driver is probably the most helpful one because my old driver was heavy but this new one is lighter so I can get a nice swing.’

Isaac attends the Royal Norwich Saturday Junior Academy run by PGA professional Lloyd Jones. Since receiving the Ping Prodi-G clubs, Isaac spends much more time practicing and playing the Academy Course.

He represented our Golf Sixes team during 2023, which was a huge success and developed his character and competence. As double-defending champions the club finished runner-up, with by far the youngest team in the l

His dad Sam says: ‘Isaac loves attending his weekly golf lessons and has such fun. We are proud of his commitment to the sport and his courage to take part in junior competitions.’

‘It is a great support to the family to have help with some new clubs.’