Provide financial support for worthy young golfers to enable them to continue playing the game (regardless of their level or ability).


Promote and facilitate the development of life skills closely associated with golf such as integrity, perseverance, confidence, self-esteem, and social communication and interaction.


Foster a life-long sporting habit in golf and other related areas such as health and fitness.

EST 1982

The EGT was initially established in 1982 by the English Ladies’ Golf Association (who became the England Women’s Golf Association) with the aim of supporting girl golfers who might otherwise be unable to play the game (it was originally called the ELGA Trust).


The merger between the English Women’s Golf Association and the English Golf Union in 2012 (forming England Golf), provided a platform for the trust to become more inclusive and support boys and young men as well as girls and young women. The renamed and incorporated England Golf Trust took on this wider remit in 2015 appointing an independent board of volunteer trustees. One of the bursaries remains ring-fenced for girls and young women, but all other funding opportunities are open to both boys and girls.


We are now planning for the next five years and beyond, and have recently rebranded and developed a new website. Our aim is to work with key partners and sponsors to support even more young golfers. We also want to increase the awareness of the charity and encourage more people to apply for the available grants and bursaries.